Is biodiversity offsetting a ‘license to trash nature’?

Guardian Eco Audit

12 November, 2013

Plans to replace habitat destroyed by development has been described as too simplistic by the Environmental Audit Committee. With your help, Karl Mathiesen investigates if biodiversity offsetting can deliver on its promise to benefit the environment and the economy.

Click here to see how the debate unfolded.


Antarctic sanctuaries threaten to stuff treaty

In memory of Elyssa Rosen


28 October, 2013

An international commission is set to decide on increased protections for the marine environment around Antarctica later this week. But realpolitik could undermine the commission itself. Read more here (apologies for those without Crikey – you’ll have to grab a temp sign up to read).

Eco Audit: How many species are there on earth?

Guardian Eco Audit

30 October, 2013

The discovery of new species in relatively well-explored Australia leads Karl Mathiesen to investigate how many other natural wonders may exist unknown to science. Read more here.